the truth about losing your virginity.. so true
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rb-sorby asked:
Awesome icon pic

Thank you bbdoll!

sexmotor asked:
May i have your other blog ?


Anonymous asked:
So what about people who are already on your snapchat or kik or w.e do they get to see you be a bad girl?

No. Tumblr only :) snapchat is personal.

More to come soon!

Hi sunflowers, I know I’ve been a little far lately but it’s all because of work. Trust me more photos will come up tomorrow, stay tuned :)


HERE IT IS!!!!!! First 15 that message me and tell me they’ve followed from my main get a special picture. Follow, share, message me! Love you guys xoxoxo

Anonymous asked:
Hello cute face, do you have an IG? 😘

Hello sugarplum! I do not share my personal social media through tumblr. These conditions will be posted to the new blog. Stay tuned at 5 xxx

Anonymous asked:
Hey there little angel, which girl is you in that one snapchat? The one in the pink top or the one in the black bra?


Anonymous asked:
How would we get to watch you play with yourself? Snapchat? Kik? You are my supercrush and I need you.

Hello my love, my personal social media is not available through tumblr. These questions are better posed to my new blog. Thank you xx